Car rental in East Africa on a one way rental for Self drive

There is so much that you can do with your time if you just try contacting us for an African Vacation. For over a decade, we’ve been organizing car rental services only to our clients. But as of now we have added other services due to the demand from our clients in East Africa.

We help you secure Gorilla permits in any selected destination; that’s Uganda in Bwindi Forest, Rwanda in Volcanoes National park and then in Congo’s Virunga National park. We will always advice you where it’s possible to have the permits and book them for you at no extra cost.

Apart from the self-drive tours, we have guided safaris in East Africa with better quotations where you will sit back and enjoy the drive. We will find you that perfect holiday package and it will fall under your preference. For instance, did you know that Uganda Tours are becoming some of the most popular Safaris around? Starting due to a spec of rest time can perhaps be a grand amount of enjoyment. If you wish to have a good amount of time, a vacation is definitely the way to go out. Leaving on a leave from work means that you have options, and tons of them. Do you have concept of what you desire to do? If you especially like going to a beach resort, maybe you should look into resorts our team will guide you through all that. One other great choice would be to go out on a cruise. You can easily get around with a super high quality hotel which we have great deals with and you will always enjoy the wilderness of the African Jungles. You can easily obtain a hotel if you so choose.

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