One Way Car Rental - East Africa Self drive Tours

Take the best 4x4 Car for a one way rental in East Africa. Choose Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania or Burundi for your starting point and explorer this part of Africa on your own.

Try to think of a couple of activities to do when you choose your African safari holiday. Book flights depending on how you want your road trip to start and end.  A  couple of years we’ve been traveling to this part of Africa finding the best information and knowledge of how one can spend a vacation combined, but since one could not have enough time and money to travel there at once, then you need to choose the priorities depending on the places and interests regarding what you want to see. One way Rental is the best option for your vacation tour. Destination Rwanda as stated earlier a country which has a pronounced history all over the world of the 1994 Genocide would sound a perfect spot to start a road trip.

Although in Europe and the West the tempo of the story is quite different there are some varying characters that you can realize when you take time with the local people in Rwanda. Begin in Kigali the capital to the genocide memorial site in Gisozi. This has more of information and art of how the genocide was conducted and it points to different individuals in terms of suspects and then victims and stories here in a well air conditioned house are heart-breaking. The worst is seen in Nyamata Church where bodies were dried for everyone to see what happened, although to me it leaves some questions. But Rwanda is not only for the Genocide sites and history.

The people have their own history although as it ends of begins points at the genocide. The north western parts of the country are cooler than any other part simply because they lies in higher altitudes and this is where you find the Virunga mountains which make park of Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park. This is where you can track some of the remaining endangered species of the Mountain Gorillas and the Golden Monkeys. Although this is now one of the most expensive parks in the world to enter, but still don’t get off-side you can try a better cheaper option in Bwindi Forest of Uganda.

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