Mobile & Balloon Safaris

Mobile Safaris

What are Mobile Safaris? This is the oldest model of travel used in the Past to explore Africa’s great Wilderness through depending on the use of mobile tented camp than permanent self-contained rooms.

This was done in the past because there were few or even no self-contained rooms in different camps to use for accommodation, therefore with the aim of improvising, Safari operators and private moving clients decided to arrange for mobile tents which were usually mounted in different camps while on the move, this experience usually made clients feel the real great piece of Africa’s Wilderness.

These Safaris usually involved going on camping in different camps with the interest in exploring the major Wildlife features within the range, everything was mobile which includes mounting of Safari tents for shelter usually for a couple of days you are to spend, cooking of food and more.

The other genuine reason to why mobile safaris are that it lets you get exposed to different Wildlife features which in the bush which include Wild animals, Plant species, Primates, Reptiles, different insect species plus different bird species which are recognized by their echoing sounds during the night.

Camping safaris in East Africa

Self-drive safaris with Camping

Mobile Safaris started in the African continent particularly in the Eastern part of Africa in the major exciting countries which include Tanzania and Kenya which are popularly known for their stunning and great Wildlife offered including the seasonal migration of the Wildebeests which usually occur in months starting from June to November when they cross from Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park to Kenya’s Masaai Mara National reserve and back in search of enough pastures during the months of June and July, Tanzania is characterized with a dry season.

Later these Mobile Safaris expanded to the Southern part of Africa in countries like South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, and more.

Mobile Safaris are more exciting but somehow risky as in that you may be attacked by these dangerous Wild animals like African Big Fives during the night when sleeping, to limit on this it’s advised that you set up some fire during the night which can scare away these Wild animals from getting near to your boundaries

Balloon Safaris.

These are other popular exciting Safaris done while on an exciting Safari vacation in the African continent, particularly Eastern and Southern part. Looking forward to exploring the great Wilderness offered in Africa referring to the respective Safari destination of interest, Hot air ballooning is the best option to go while on your discoverable African Safari vacation.

Hot air balloon comprises of a Deflation port, Envelope, Mouth, Skirt, Burner and Basket, describing this Hot air balloon by parts it mainly comprises of three parts including Envelope, Burner and Basket whereby the Envelope is the actual part which holds the air, Burner is the unit which drives up heat inside the envelope and the Basket is the reserved space where the clients sit.

There are different hot air balloon sizes including small size balloon which occupies 100000 cubic feet of air, medium size occupies 160000 cubic feet, large size occupies 210000 cubic feet, extra-large balloon size occupies 360000 cubic feet and group balloon size occupies 500000 cubic feet.

This Hot air balloon is usually operated by a professional engineer and it’s started on the ground, the movement of this hot air balloon depends on heat or fire which is propelled from the Burner using the propane valve.

Process of starting the air balloon. Using the Burner, heat is propelled up into the envelope to keep the air within the envelope, after the balloon gaining enough air inside a vehicle is used to pull the basket from the horizontal facing position to the upright facing position.

After that process, passengers are allowed to sit and the balloon is set off moving upwards by use of heat which is propelled inside the envelope, the higher the heat propelled inside the envelope the higher the balloon moves up into the air, usually the operator has to balance the heat propelled such that this balloon is stable.

Direction to be taken by this balloon usually depends on the direction of air, the direction of the air is usually first researched about by air technicians before setting off to know where the balloon will be heading.

This is an exciting adventure to take, reaching up you are exposed to sighting almost every Wild species in the respective park plus different exciting views, you are free to take a lot of different good photos of aerial views, Wild animals like African Big Fives (Elephants, Buffaloes, Lions, Leopards, and Rhinoceros), Giraffes, Buffaloes, Spotted hyenas, Antelopes like Kobs, Sitatunga and more, Wildebeests, Gazelles and more.

On landing this hot air balloon, the operator will go on reducing the rate of heat propelled into the envelope as well as balancing it until it reaches on the ground. Looking out for a balloon Safari in the African continent, Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania are the best-recommended destinations to go.

While in Uganda you can do these balloon Safaris in Murchison Falls National Park and Queen Elizabeth National Park, then for Kenya you can do it in Masaai Mara National reserve exposing you to its wide range of different Wildlife species including the Wildebeests and for Tanzania, Serengeti National Park is the best-recommended destination to go for this exciting adventure activity. This activity is usually done early in the morning or in the evening time.