One Way Rental for Self Drive tours in East Africa; 4x4 Car Rentals Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya & Tanzania

Rent a 4x4 car in East Africa for either self-drive or Chauffeur driven. We offer One Way Rentals from either country; that is Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. Our fleet include the full 4x4 SUV s Prado Land Cruisers both pop-up roofs and those with no, Toyota 4x4 Rav4 with all models, Compact cars, Minivans with a minimum of 6 passengers and all these are offered for Cross Country road trips. Choose a hassle free trip with our hand.

If you’re searching for Car Rental choices for East Africa road trips, our extensive fleet of rental vehicles will match all your requirements. From Compact vehicles, Busses and Minibuses, luxury SUV cars, Camper Vans and 4×4 safari vehicles. We have a vehicle to suit your requirements, all available in our East African locations.

We at One Way Rentals, we offers amazing rates for auto rentals and we endeavor to be your main choice when even ever you think about hiring a vehicle to use even if for business or a Vacation holiday Tours. We have amazing deals to return clients, reliable, personalized services, you also can appreciate the advantages of a peaceful trip. Choose how you want your road trip and we will save more of your time rental car by booking. The super low rental rates that we offer mean you’ll save more money while on your vacation. We’re confident we’ve got the right vehicle at a daily rate that’s right for you. We offer quick confirmation, so you can book and confirm your rental car or a Guided safari vacation. We are one of the largest independent car rental company with a fleet that will always have your option.

Special offers & discounts

Get mega discounts on long term rental with our 4x4 Camping Jeep in East Africa. We offer you a 15% off discount with all the camping gears if you choose more than 10 days of car rental. Get a quote for either self drive or chauffeur driven with full insurance.

Choose your preferred Vehicle.

Prado Land Cruiser with Roof Top Tent@ 95 USD

Rent a Car for East African safaris

This is a 5 seat Land cruiser 4x4 automatic transmission with a roof top tent for double occupancy. It's a great deal on accommodation especially when you have a longer vacation. You can choose this and its always availed with the necessary camping gears.. Book Now

Land Cruiser extended @ 200 USD - with driver

Safari vehicles for road trips

This land cruiser is a 7 seat passenger and always provided with a driver. Its a best option for safaris especially the guided in the major national parks. With a pop-up, its a perfect vehicle for game viewing... Book Now

Prado Land Cruiser @ 70 USD

Prado land Cruiser for East African Road trips

This is a normal 4x4 - Automatic transmission a perfect choice for East African Safaris and Road trips. Choose your road trip plan and extend when you need to. It is also available for one way rental in Uganda, Rwanda,Kenya & Tanzania. Book Now

Car rental Rwanda

This 2008 model is the most adorable one in Rwanda. It has a strong v6 engine and with its comfort, you will have more discounts on your trip especially if it happens to be longer. Its a full-time 4x4 with air conditioning..Book Now

Rent a car Rwanda

A premium 2016 model you can have in Rwanda for a vacation but also very excellent on off roads. This Prado land land cruiser is a perfect size for 5 travelers opting for a self drive tour in Rwanda..Book Now


Car Rental for Self Drive in East Africa

Book an affordable Car rental for self-drive with One Way Rental from as low as US$ 45 / day. The best way to experience East Africa on a Vacation safari. Car rental, Car hire in Rwanda, Uganda Kenya and Tanzania with our 4×4 cars. You can choose to have one of our driver Guides.

Self-drive Safaris in East Africa are so interesting when you choose Cross country Tours with One Way Rental. You can choose to travel sole, couple, group of family. All these come with choices of what you would like to see on this trip. Plan your vacation based on cross country travel and this will involve on how flights will be booked. These vacations can create lifelong memories, good or bad. So you want to make sure that these vacations will provide the best experience possible. One type of vacation that you have probably to consider is an African Safari. Now, the word "Africa" may conjure up mostly naked people or brutal regimes. But in fact Africa is a massive continent with many areas that are perfectly safe. Bringing your kids to an African Safari will not only allow them to see animals in their native habitat but it will also help educate them about a part of the world that they, just like you, probably have massive misconceptions about. It can be a fun learning experience, and how often do those two things go together. A combination of this part of East Africa will give you a highlight of what Africa has to offer you for a vacation.

Gorilla trekking Safaris in Uganda and Rwanda

Gorillas & Primates Safaris

The mountain Gorillas in Rwanda, Uganda & Congo are the most amazing creatures one wouldn't miss on an African safari adventure. Looking in the eyes of these gentle apes is quite thrilling in the dense rain-forests of Bwindi and Virunga Mountains respectively. Rent a Car with One Way Rental and get deep on the ages of these rain-forests.. Read More

4x4 Kenya Safaris

Visit the Magical Kenya

On a good timing, you can spot these huge herds of wildebeest migrating and crossing the Mara-River. With our 4x4 Cars, you will access any part of East Africa on a self drive Safaris. See the magical Kenya by your self to Tanzania's Serengeti National park.

4x4 Camping Safaris

Go Camping on your vacation

When you choose a safari in East Africa on a self drive basis, you have to look at how budget you can be. Rent a car with a roof tent and camping gears and save more on your vacation. With our 4x4 Prado, you will always have the best rate if you choose to rent for more than 10 days and more than one country.

Frequently asked questions

When do l get book?

Whenever you think of planning a vacation in East Africa, book your vehicle with us because it will attract a 10% discount off the normal rates. Clients who book on last minute will have the vehicle but on the same rates as they're on our website.

How many drivers can we register?

We don't always limit how many people will drive with our self drive car rental services. We always want to know a single person who has to take care of the vehicle on behalf of the rest. Anyone with a valid drivers license can drive provided he or she registered with us.

What are the charges for one way rental?

Our charges on one way rentals will depend on how far the distance will be from where you need us to drop the vehicle or pick it up from in terms of fuel threfore we have no extras from fuel costs.

How can we cross the borders with the vehicle?

When you choose a cross country tour on self drive basis, we will provide you with the necessary travel documents which will allow you to present to custom borders so that you proceed.

Can we have road assistance throughout East Africa?

We offer our services in East Africa, so we have a road network that will always assist you in case of break downs. In so you have to share with us a brief itinerary of how your road trip will be.

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